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We breathe life into your company story, developing branding that advances your message and forms a distinct image. While each phase moves your brand somewhere new and exciting, we continuously infuse direction from what we’ve learned about where the brand has come from, where you’d like the brand to go, and how the new brand image will impact consumer behavior. At Image & Creativity, we’ll help you take the first step or conquer the latest hurdle.

We design functional interfaces for an aesthetically pleasing digital presence that helps tell your story and boosts brand performance. Each site page and app screen relays an intuitive UX/UI design that maximizes visitor interaction with the help of data-driven research.

We’re attuned to the trends and as responsive as our design – helping you engage consumers across the digital landscape.

We take your brand, platform, and the business you’ve worked so hard to build out into the world through campaigns. And we’re not just throwing you to the wolves, mind you, but rather preparing you to go to market with a sound lead generation strategy and the metrics to back it up. That way, when we help you achieve exposure through expert placement, execution, and delivery, the creative concepts and overarching campaigns will stick with your consumers.

Community Management & Social Media

Why Social Media is Important For Your Business?

There are many reasons why social media management is important to the success of your brand. For starters, effectively managing your social media channels can reduce time spent posting. So, instead of manually creating daily posts, you can plan and schedule them early in the month. With our social media tools at your fingertips, you can publish posts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Marketing tools for social media management also ensure you can post consistently to build awareness and generate sales through automation. Contact us to discuss your best options, the social media will definitely help your business to grow along with your market.

e-Marketing Products

All You Need From E-Cards, E-Flyers, E-Ad Design, PDF Presentations, & More

E-Cards / Virtual Cards / Digital Cards

What are digital business cards?

A digital business card is a web page containing an employee’s information. This includes their personal and professional information, contact details, images, and social media profiles. It’s a digital medium for sharing contact information across channels and building more connections. Every digital business card has a unique URL. Employees can share their business card URLs via email, social media, etc., to bring people to their digital business cards.

That said, printing a QR code on a business card is the best way to bring people to a digital business card. HR departments can issue employee business cards with QR codes printed on them.

Each QR code is unique and redirects to the digital business card of the card owner. This way, you can integrate physical and digital business cards to make networking easier for employees.

E-Flyers / Digital Flyers

What are digital flyers?

A digital flyer is usually created in a design tool or a flyer maker app. However, you’ll see things change when sharing a digital flyer. Instead of mailing them out, you will share your digital flyer on your website and social media platforms or even send it to your email list. Here are more advantages:
Digital flyers can be more engaging and make your audience interact with your flyer. They can boost your marketing efforts with a wider audience for a significantly lower investment.
The digital flyers’ distribution process is just a few clicks away and can be done within minutes. Digital flyers have no geographical limitations, you don’t need any approbation for the distribution locations, and you don’t need to hire people and verify them consistently.
Going digital with your flyers will make your life easier, as you will have access to tracking their performance and, therefore, improve your marketing strategy.

E-Ad Design / Digital Advertising

What is digital advertising?

Digital advertising refers to marketing through online channels, such as websites, streaming content, and more. Digital ads span media formats, including text, image, audio, and video. They can help you achieve various business goals across the marketing funnel, ranging from brand awareness to customer engagement to launching new products and driving repeat sales.

There are many reasons that digital ads are a crucial part of any business’s marketing strategy. Maybe the most important one is that consumers are spending more and more time connected to the Internet through their computers, smartphones, and smart home devices. The average American has access to more than ten connected devices in their household.

People make decisions about the goods and services they buy at all times of the day, during all kinds of activities. With digital ads, you can reach audiences when they are browsing online for products to buy. Or you might reach them when they’re streaming a TV show, visiting a favorite website, or using social media. Even if they don’t choose to purchase from you at that moment, reaching them in these different contexts can help them remember your brand later on when they’re ready to purchase.

Corporate Videos

Video Content Marketing

One form of content marketing that is growing in significance is video marketing. But what is Video Content Marketing?

In video content marketing, brands produce content to raise their profile online. Video is usually published on either YouTube or a social network, although it can also come in the form of webinars, courses, live videos, or self-hosted videos.

When done well, video can be a powerful way for a brand to spread its message in a way that is easily accessible to a large audience. It works with both B2C and B2B content strategies.

Videos are a great way to show your product or services. It’s a useful tool when it comes to helping potential buyers learn about you. In fact, most marketers say using video content has helped increase user understanding of a product or service.

Customers will only buy your product when they understand what it does and how it will help them. It is unsurprising that video content is such a good tool for this, as the visual element helps businesses clearly explain how things work.

More Video Samples

YouTube Production

Services For YouTube Channels

Lights, camera, action!… Let’s team up! You are the talent. You are the content creator. You are the star. We just are going to help you shine. We are your next YouTube Producer.

Let’s talk about your ideas. For a flat monthly fee, we will edit all your videos. Save time and grow your business. Fast Turnaround, Captions, Social Media Versions, Video Tracker, and Free Cloud Storage. You can stay ahead of your competitors.

We have the gear and the knowledge to make your script a real video. We will take, edit and process the images for you and finally upload the video to your YouTube channel. Also, we could craft your custom thumbnails and create attractive titles and tags. We got you covered!